Jason is a Washington, D.C.-based consultant who works with news organizations, foundations and nonprofits to build an informed citizenry. He previously served as associate director of InvestigateWest in Seattle, overseeing fundraising, partnerships and product development, and has been an innovator in media partnerships and impact evaluation. He also oversaw data reporting and digital production for all InvestigateWest stories. Jason has led strategy and technology initiatives for a wide variety of nonprofit and public affairs clients, including fundraising campaigns, audience development, website redesigns, and brand identity. Jason has a M.S. in Journalism and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University, with a focus on media and public policy.


I am available for contract and full-time consulting work, as well as writing and speaking opportunities on nonprofit journalism, leadership in the news business and media impact. I also like to daydream about these things over a good stout and a soccer game. Talk to me at