Jason Alcorn is the VP of operations for the American Journalism Project, the first venture philanthropy organization focused on local news. He is also the project director for NewsMatch, an annual matching gift and capacity building campaign that in 2018 helped to raise $7.6 million for nonprofit news organizations. He previously worked as a strategic consultant for nonprofit news organizations and philanthropic foundations and facilitated the Institute for Nonprofit News Emerging Leaders Council. Jason is also an award-winning journalist. He served as associate director of Seattle-based nonprofit news organization InvestigateWest from 2011 to 2016. He is currently an advisor to Migratory Notes and the Listening Post Collective. Jason has a M.S. in Journalism and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University, with a focus on media and public policy.


I am available to write and speak about nonprofit journalism, leadership in the news business, and equity in journalism and philanthropy. I also like to daydream about these things over a good stout and a soccer game. Talk to me at